Benefits of a Private Practice

The Benefits of Visiting a Private Dental Practice

More and more these days, the dental office you go to may not be independently owned. While that’s not an issue for some, others have expressed concerns that a dentist employed by a corporate chain might be subject to management’s decisions for pricing and procedures.

Benefits of a Private Practice

How can you tell if your dentist is independent or is part of a chain?

Because many chains market heavily, you may recognize their names. You may notice a place in your town as well as several more nearby.

If you’re trying to figure out if your dentist is self-employed and runs their own practice, the name of the company can help. Look for a distinctive name, perhaps with the dentist’s (or dentists’) name included beneath the practice’s name. It may, for example, indicate your city’s name. However, the name of a corporate dental chain is not always divulged. If this is a problem, you should inquire about the practice’s affiliation with or management by a different corporation.

What difference does it make?

We’ve been accustomed to purchasing many of our everyday requirements from corporations, such as shampoo, clothing, and food. However, you will almost always receive better service if you support a local small business. If there is an issue with your purchase, the owner will take care of it with grace to guarantee that you are a satisfied customer. Unfortunately, in corporate branches that must follow corporate norms defined by levels of management, this kind of autonomy may be lacking.

When it comes to apparel and toiletries, you may discover that purchasing goods from corporate chains, which are ubiquitous in practically every community, is simply more convenient. After all, finding local stores that carry what your home requires might be difficult at times.

However, every community has at least one independent dentist, and most have more. They also don’t sell the same shampoo as the store down the block. Those goods are all the same, unlike dentists and dental treatment. You’re instead entrusting your health, looks, and overall well-being to them.

Patients first, or profits?

When it comes to independent dentists, the name says it all. At Luck Dental Care, treatment recommendations are focused on what is best for each patient. There is no outside pressure to see a set number of patients each day, and no treatment is recommended merely for financial gain.

While most dentists strive to give excellent treatment, it goes without saying that not all corporate dental chains function in the same way, and not every independent dentist is a good fit. For these reasons, you should find a dentist who prioritizes people over profits wherever you seek dental treatment. When you visit Luck Dental Care, you can rest easy that you’ve chosen a dentist who has agreed to deliver only the care you require and at the highest level possible.

Quantity over quality

Some dental offices and corporate dental chains are regarded as “high-volume” dental practices because they focus on seeing a large number of patients in order to maximize revenues. It’s more difficult to get the quality, personal time, and attention you deserve in these offices.

An independent dentist in a regular dental practice may find it easier to devote the time and attention you require. Outside corporate influences or the needs of a “high volume” practice aren’t an issue for a traditional private practice.

Continuity of treatment

You will see the same dentist every time you visit Luck Dental Care. You will become acquainted with Dr. Luck and he will become acquainted with you and your dental needs. He knows whether you’re a nervous patient, and he will be familiar with all of the other critical components of your dental health.

However, if you visit a corporate dental facility, you may be assigned to a new dentist each time. Because some chain-affiliated clinics have greater turnover rates, the dentist you saw last time may no longer be with the chain.

It’s all about trust

So if you are searching for a new dentist in Cypress, make sure you understand the advantages of visiting a dentist who is fully committed to offering you the best dental care possible. At Luck Dental Care, we are proud to live up to this expectation and will be honored to have you as our new patient.

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