Periodontal Deep Cleaning in Cypress, TX

Typically, a routine dental cleaning will include the removal of plaque and tartar from places that are hard for you to reach during your daily brushing and flossing.  

For most patients, a routine cleaning every 6 months will be enough to remove the build-up of plaque and tartar but, for some patients, the tartar may be severe enough to cause extensive gum disease. The worst feature of gum disease is that it hardly ever hurts so that patients can have advanced gum disease and not be aware of it.  Sometimes tartar will get deep down under the edge of the gums and cause the bone to melt away from the tooth. 

Periodontal Deep Cleaning in Cypress, TX

Experienced dentists like Dr. David Luck may recommend a Periodontal Deep Cleaning (a.k.a. dental scaling and root planing) for patients who have heavy build up of tartar in the spaces between the teeth and gums and, in some, all the way down to the roots of the teeth. Left untreated, the tartar under the gums will lead to tooth loss and serious infections.

Periodontal Deep Cleaning involves a careful removal of tartar below the gums to give the body a chance to heal. Some patients have avoided periodontal care because they had a deep cleaning in the past and it  was very painful. With modern techniques and good skills, a deep cleaning can be performed without pain or discomfort for the patient.   

Evaluation begins with the identification and measurement of any receding of the gum line. Based on the level of periodontal disease, Dr. Luck will develop and discuss with you a plan, both long and short to prevent further complications.

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What is Gum Disease?

There are three stages of gum disease:

  1. Gingivitis
  2. Periodontitis
  3. Advanced Periodontitis

Gingivitis is usually treated with ordinary prophylaxis but both periodontitis and advanced periodontitis typically require deep teeth cleaning.  

Periodontitis can cause bone loss so dental x-rays will be needed to identify any bone loss before proceeding with your care. 

Once you’ve had a periodontal deep clean you may never need another if you maintain good oral hygiene after having your teeth deep cleaned. Regular visits for non-deep dental cleaning are also required to prevent gum disease from relapsing.   

Think of your gums like the ground and soil beneath a tree. Just like a tree cannot thrive in bad soil, your teeth will not survive in toxic and diseased gums. 

How would a patient know if they had gum disease?  If you have a tendency to build up tartar and it has been a long time since your last cleaning, you probably need to schedule an examination.  If your gums bleed when you brush, even a little bit, that is a definite warning sign. You don’t have any other body parts that bleed when you wash, do you?  If you think you might have advanced gum disease and want to find out more about if a periodontal deep clean would help you, speak to a member of our friendly staff today.

Here at Luck Dental Care in Cypress, Texas, our dental hygienists specialize in periodontal therapy and deep cleanings so that your gums and bone stay healthy, ensuring long-lasting overall oral health and a beautiful, functioning smile. Call our office today to learn more!

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