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Here at Luck Dental Care in Cypress, Texas, we want all our patients to have the best oral health possible and that starts with proper dental hygiene. Dr. Luck and his team provide exceptional dental care through routine cleanings and education so that our patients can have healthy, strong teeth for a lifetime.

Routine Dental Cleanings

Routine dental cleanings are recommended every 6 months to maintain proper oral health and keep that smile bright according to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), an organization committed to educating the public on oral health. Professional teeth cleaning aims to supplement and reinforce daily at-home cleanings.

Routine Dental Cleanings

During a routine cleaning at Luck Dental Care you can expect:

  • A review and update of your medical history including special attention to medication and certain medical conditions that can significantly impact your oral health such as diabetes, heart disease, infectious disease, and pregnancy
  • Dental X-rays if needed
  • Removal of tartar and plaque build-up
  • Identification of any tooth root decay, gum or bone disease
  • Evaluation of your bite (how your top teeth match up with your bottom teeth)
  • Questions about headaches or jaw pain that might indicate problems with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Flossing of teeth
  • Fluoride application
  • Polishing of teeth, fillings, and crowns
  • Application of sealant if necessary

A review of proper brushing, flossing, and nutrition will also be provided during teeth cleanings.

Restorative options, treatment for periodontal (gum) disease, or any other concerns can be discussed at the time of your cleaning as well.

Concerned about discomfort during teeth cleanings? Research shows that those who brush and floss their teeth regularly at home, hardly experience discomfort during a professional cleaning.

Regardless of your current state of oral health, you can rest assured that here at Luck Dental Care, in Cypress, TX, we are committed to providing comfortable, professional dental cleaning for you and your family.

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Oral Cancer Screenings

Dentists are responsible for conducting oral cancer screenings as part of the standard of care. This screening process involves visually examining the inside of a patient’s mouth and checking for any signs or symptoms of oral cancer. Dentists may also use special tools, like a brush biopsy, to take a sample from the suspicious area and send it to the lab for further analysis.

Oral cancer screenings are a vital part of a thorough routine dental and oral exam. Sadly, the number of oral cancer cases has persistently increased over the last several years. Screening for cancers that can occur in the mouth and throat, should start yearly when an individual turns 18 or sooner if tobacco use was started before the age of 18.

Risk factors for oral cancer can often be avoided. Some preventable risk factors include:

  •  Smoking tobacco 
  •  All oral tobacco use (chew, snuff, dip, dissolvable)  
  •  Heavy alcohol use 
  •  Exposure to HPV via oral sex 
  •  Poor nutrition 
  •  Obesity  
  •  Poor oral health and hygiene 

The purpose of routine oral cancer screening is to identify mouth cancer or precancerous lesions early when treatment is likely to be more effective and before it can spread or cause significant damage or illness.

During an oral cancer screening, Dr. Luck or one of our trained dental hygienists will feel the area under your jaw, the sides of your neck, and the insides of your lips and cheeks, as well as examine the sides of your tongue and the roof and floor of your mouth with their gloved fingers.

As mentioned above, poor dental and oral health may also be linked to an increased risk for oral and throat cancers. Regular dental visits, daily home brushing, and flossing can lessen these risks and have many other health benefits, too.

Here at Luck Dental Care in Cypress, TX, we want you to live your best life and believe that having a healthy mouth is a key part of a healthy, happy life.

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Fluoride Treatments 

Did you know…the dental benefits of fluoride were discovered in Colorado Springs, Colorado by Dr. Frederick McKay in the early 1900s?

He noticed that although children in the community had low rates of tooth decay, they had severe brown stains on their teeth. Decades of research revealed that extreme levels of natural fluoride in the water were contributing to the brown stains. They began to experiment with specific levels of fluoride in the water.

The HHS department finally settled on a concentration of 0.7ppm (parts per million) of fluoride which is a level high enough to make teeth resistant to decay, but low enough not to cause brown staining. Adding fluoride to the public water supply is considered one of the top 10 most successful public health initiatives in history by the CDC.

Fluoride is a natural substance that combines with calcium and phosphorus naturally in your saliva. It bonds to the tooth structure, making it stronger and more resistant to acid and bacteria. Fluoride also makes it more difficult for bacteria to work properly, which benefits dental and oral health in general.

This is why Dr. Luck will often recommend fluoride varnish after your dental cleaning appointments. Applying additional fluoride after your teeth are professionally cleaned has been shown to increase enamel strength by over 60% because it’s the most concentrated and adherent type of fluoride that exists. Fluoride also adds a protective layer to the teeth, decreasing tooth sensitivity. Placing fluoride directly on the teeth with varnish is more effective and safer than ingesting fluoride which goes throughout the whole body. Dr. Luck only recommends fluoride varnish for kids and adults with special risk factors.

Dr. David Luck and his team, dedicated to serving the Cypress, TX community and surrounding neighborhoods, take immense pride in delivering friendly and expert dental care as the go-to dentist in Cypress, TX.

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